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I am setting up my coop right now. The coop sits about 2 feet off the ground. I also have a run connected to the coop...almost! The area under the coop is a bit muddy and shallow. Is it okay for me to put a bag of Scott's brown mulch under there? It is organic. Is says that the ingredients are forestry wood and coloring. I just want to make sure that this won't harm my 2 chickens.
Thank you!!
Mulch would get very messy with the poop. It can also be very sharp on the chickens. A better option would be sand. It drains very well, and dries quicker than mud. It keeps the chickens feathers clean and also the bottom of your shoes! I have sand in my coop and my run and it is totally odorless and sooooooo easy to maintain. Click here to see my "Coop Management" post to learn all about the amazing benefits of sand!

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