PVC Watering System cleaning


Jul 12, 2016
Hello everyone... first post, but active reader of this site! I've built my first (ever) chicken coop and run and as I'm pretty proud of that, I'll be sure to post pics and a video of it in a different post...what I am hoping to find out today is something that I've tried to find via google searching and through this site, but have been unable to do so... How do you clean the inside of your PVC watering system pipes?

I already know of one problem (learn as you go...) is that I have a 3" PVC downward pipe connected to a 45 degree angle connected to a reduced 1.5" pvc pipe with nipples on it... As I've glued everything together, I have no way (at this time) to open the bottom end of the pvc (1.5") to clean the whole system out.

What would you suggest to clean out the whole system? I am nervous to use bleach because I'm not sure I'll be able to make sure that there is no residue of that which could potentially harm the chickens... Ideas welcome!
Well, the good thing about using PVC is that you can always cut it to alter it. I don't know what your system looks like but, on the end, instead of using a cap, you could use a threaded plug.. so then you could unscrew it to flush it. Also, they have these super long handled brushes to clean out dryer vents - about three feet long. You could stick one of these down the pipe to clean it...
Just an idea...
Thanks GoldenFarms... I've thought about cutting and adding the threaded pipe, but did not think of the long dryer vent brush... Great idea and will have to try that soon!

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