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    Hi, i live in the uk and I'm wondering if i should get a pygmy goat and i know basically how to look after them, and I'm still doing lots and lots of research still! I only want one for having as a pet, but i know they are herd animals and should be kept in twos or more............ so heres the question.....will two still follow me around and love me if i look after them properly and keep them happy?
    And if i have one, will it be happy to just live with my 7 hens and two ducks and me for company?
    Thanks xxx [​IMG][​IMG]
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    Their willingness to bond to you will depend on how they are raised - either by you, if you get them as bottle babies, or by a previous owner. Those raised to be imprinted on and socialized to humans will mode this behavior even when not kept alone.
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    Im thinking of adopting and most of the goats are tame
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    at the rescue i mean [​IMG]
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    i would want bottle-fed babes,
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    and does it have to be young to be retamed?
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    The younger the animal is, the easier it will be to get it to bond with you. A lot depends on the individual and how it was raised.
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    I got my goats when they where 3 months old. They where not babies. Within a week or two they followed me EVERYWHERE. I got two and i'm glad i did! Even if you got two of them, they will still love you as much (if not more) as if it was just him and you. Quickly you will realize, in their mind, your a part of the herd! You'll learn this more quickly than you think. After a week or two, if you leave, they will bleat for you to come back, to them they think your lost. ("MMMMBBAAAAAA, COME BAAAAAAAACK!") though if they don't have a buddy to play with when you leave, the bleating will never end. They are kids, (pun intended.) and they always want to play! Thats why a companion is so very necessary!!! (btw don't get upset if the goats run from you for a while, Give it time, and hand-feeding is always nice bonding time. They might not even take food from you on the first or second day, give it time). Although you might want Doelings, let me tell you why you should get bucklings. Their cheaper, and, You ever seen a buck head-but another goat? It's ADORABLE!!! (Look up videos!) Even though you might be scared of them head-butting you, i think it's highly unlikely. Once you get them, you should get them banded or "neutered", in my opinion banding is much easier and there is proof they've been neutered. Wake up and find something odd in the goat-pen with a rubber band around the top? Congrats your goats are banded
    After they are officially weathers, they will still head-butt, but only as playing. Intact bucks are more likely to not be "kidding" around, (pun intended) and may actually hurt one another. Unlike does they will be more playful all the time. I've learned that does that are in heat, want nothing to do with you. (of course there are exceptions, but this is my experience)
    If you have anymore questions i'd be more than happy to answer!!!
    -Have a good day!

    OOooh. i should add because someone up there was talking about their relationship with their previous owner will change urs and their relationship. Although that is true, i think even if they are born in a field and raised on their mothers milk and once a day feeding, (like mine where) they can still adapt to you and your home very soon. If you can, the transition would be even easier if adopted with a sibling or field-mate. (mine had the same father and each of their mothers where fellow field-mates. The farmer i got them from even told me they had to take one of their mothers to the vet once and grover (1of my goats) had sticked right beside Castiel (my other goat) and Castiel's mother until grover's mother returned. So sweeet

    (oh ok, one last thing. You shouldn't keep ducks/chickens with goats. It will NOT replace the bond of another goat's company, but any other hoofed friend such as: Horses, donkeys, cows,mules, sheep,pig, goat, will do the trick.)
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    if you have two they will love you because you will be there mom to them but when they grow up will not care much about you besides you feed them. but having a baby that follows you isn't always good we had a sheep herd and bottle fed a baby because the mom didnt care for the babe he followed us EVERYWHERE we where passing by a house and they have cows and so one of there cows killed are baby sheep

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