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Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by walkswithdog, Jan 2, 2009.

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    I continue my anti-hawk campaign and though they've been seen they've not settled any where near the flock and a nifty board member just emailed me a shipload of cds. My twine net is slowly becoming a thing of branches. The turkeys have developed a convincing hawk warning and the chickens are beginning to listen.

    The little Pyr I found, Naga was not five or six weeks but four weeks and really bad coccidia. Free puppies, never are. She's growing now and beginning to think about outside.

    Today I took her into the chicken coop after I'd closed up and sat her on the hay bale with me. She gave that ol hay bale a good sniffing and some serious chewing while watching and listening to the crew settle in and discuss her being there. Finally Penny, who is the brashest of PR girls, decided the pup had to share and hopped up on my lap and settled in. Right in front of Naga's nose. Naga stared, quite shocked, face it, with feathers Penny still LOOKS bigger than Naga. Then she seemed to decided that was really neat and laid down shoving her nose into Penny's feathers and nibbling at their edges. I spoke to her about that and she opted for laying there and inhaling Partridge Rock.

    I didn't wait til Naga's patience and calm failed her, I let her settle for a bit and then had to lift Penny off, I am her favorite perch and she doesn't budge without a lot more than a suggestion.

    All in all a successful moment on which I hope to build. Right now most of Naga's time with the chickens and turkeys is from within her ex-pen. So this was good practice.


    Growing like a weed and is eating breakfast unpenned with the whole flock.
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    Very cool!
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    How SWEET!!!!
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    I'm so glad y'all found each other!

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