Q about feeding mice. **Those against killing mice DO NOT CLICK***


Crossing the Road
Oct 12, 2018
British Columbia, Canada
Hi ~ since you don't know what the mice have been eating, if they have worms, or some other horrible parasite, my vote is NOT to feed the dead to the chickens. Mine hunt and kill their own, play "keep away" and then who knows what happens to the carcasses, but like with deer...never feed it to your dogs, they're infested with worms.
I assume you’re referring to raw deer meat? We eat plenty of venison here and I’ve never seen a worm in the meat. Flat fish on the other hand like Halibut, flounder, sole, *shudder* are a whole other story!


Nov 9, 2016
If the rodent is dead from poison, definitely not. I also wouldn't give any thing that's been dead for a while. It starts to decompose quickly after death. That is for mammals I don't know about bugs. We will take dead mice away from our girls because we do put poison down and can't be sure that said mouse didn't get into it.
That being said my dog likes to eat the dead worms off the driveway after it rains.
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