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  1. cray4en

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    Jul 24, 2008
    What I have now:

    one large coop about 20x30x6high feet dirt floor
    one small coup about 8x8x6high feet dirt floor

    What I am thinking of changing:

    I want to have 4 small coups for small groups of chickens and the large pen this is to separate the chickens into groups to further my population instead of buying new chicks every year. I have mutts and just want to insure my birds are not inbreeding/line breeding so I know what birds to put in what pen.

    ****How many chickens can I put in a small pen without killing the grass and just being dirt? (or will they kill all the grass anyway). I was thinking 3 hens one cock.

    I can no longer let my bird free range my property. My neighbor is a major issue in this.

    ****What can I put in the bottom of the pen instead of just being mud when it rains? It needs to be cheap. The birds have to stay in their pens 24/7. OR what type of drainage do you have or rocks or ?????????

    I want to start prepping now. Any advise on pens/coops.
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    Mar 18, 2012
    Southern New Hampshire
    You might consider under drains in the run with a 3-4" layer of all purpose sand on top. The under drains should take care of any water and the sand is easy to take care of by raking it periodically.
  3. medic lynny

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    May 29, 2014
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    Put a roof on it leave dirt floor but remember wire must be buried and a "L" shape. FYI one hen will make mud. Our pen 8x5x6 and we have 4 hens.

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