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    Aug 4, 2013
    I have a group of contunix and A&M quail that have been laying quit well. they were hatched in my incubator at a better than 50% rate.
    I have been placing there eggs they have laid in the incubator and moving them to a brooder at about 15-17 days. the chicks will start to hatch, they peep like crazy and peck out the shell (usually just to get there little beak out) but many don't finish, they are dying before they can get fully hatched. I have helped a few and they last for a couple of days before they die.[​IMG]
    some of the ones that do hatch have crazy bent feet or foot. I have one A&M that her whole leg looks like it was broken and healed crazy! she walks fine and gets around but it does concern me that I keep getting these.
    What am I doing wrong or what is wrong that they aren't hatching completely. I hate to keep helping cause they all seem to die but I hate not to help if the baby could be saved. I am at a loss as what to do. I was thinking it might be humidity so I have increased it.
    my original 60 eggs were from the same source, could I have an inbreeding problem?
    Any ideas? Thanks, Kim

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