Quail food

the outdoorsman44

8 Years
Jun 22, 2011
Chandler, AZ
Does anyone know where to get gamble's and scaled quail food in Arizona?
If your feed store does not carry Gamebird food, you can use Turkey starter. Hy-Pro makes a good Turkey starter as well as Manna Pro. Both of these brands can be obtained in the southwest here. I use the Manna Pro Gamebird/Show Bird on my quail. It has a 26% protein level and they seem to enjoy the taste better than the Purina brand. Any poultry feed that has at least 24% protein will work. Somewhere between 24% to 28% is what you are looking for. Purina also makes a flight conditioner for quail, which I have used. It only has 21% protein, I think. But my birds didn't care for the taste as much as the Manna Pro feeds.

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