Quail hatch question....lockdown today, they are in!!


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So today is lockdown in my bator for 10 quail eggs. I have a auto turner and chicken and duck eggs in it. I was told i can do this so figured i would try. They said, turn off the turner and lay quail eggs on screen after taking some racks out.

QUESTION: can i keep the turner on and hatch the quail in a carton?

i have never hatched in one and wonder......
1.Will they get out of the carton?
2.Should i just turn the turner off?
3.How will that affect the other eggs?

HELP, i have 2 hours to figure this out...............LOL
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You can remove some of the racks from the turner and make space for the quail eggs. In a carton or on the wire, doesn't matter.

The quail will jump out of the egg cartons and run all over the incubator. I'd worry about injuries, unless you can unplug the turner while they hatch and fluff out.

Unplugging the egg turner for a day, probably won't hurt the other eggs.
Relax, quail hatch a lot faster than chickens. They waste no time in zipping out of the eggs. When they are ready they will come.
First batch, sorry......................LOL
They hatch in 17 days. Two days before this stop turning and lay on the eggs on their sides.
Increase the humidity with a wet sponge or clothe. I've had some take up to 20 days. Good Luck

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