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Quail Hatching Eggs - Golden, Texas A&M & Tuxedo

Discussion in 'Other Poultry - Birds & Hatching Eggs' started by TheMartianChick, Apr 17, 2012.

  1. I am currently looking to expand my quail flock and would love to have eggs for any of the following types: Golden, Texas A&M & Tuxedo. I currently have Texas A&M's but want to inject some new blood into my aging flock. My preference is to get an assortment of eggs to minimize the shipping costs, but I'm willing to settle for just one or two of the types that I'm looking for. Can anyone help? Please let me know about shipping and pricing as I'm sure that it will depend upon the types of birds that you have. I don't want more than 24 eggs total since I have had exceptionally high hatch rates, even from shipped eggs and don't want to have to build additional cages.
  2. TedJan92_in_Idaho

    TedJan92_in_Idaho Songster

    May 27, 2011
    Cocolalla Idaho
    If you can wait till the birds start laying I will gladly send you eggs for the price of shipping. They will be from the lines here.


    I have purchased eggs from 1 person here that advertise them like crazy and ordered Brown Jumbos. They came out brown, white, brown and white on the same bird. Other colors as well. They are just a bunch of mixed up colors. There wasn't nothing jumbo about them. 8 ounces being the heaviest birds.
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  3. afchicken

    afchicken Chirping

    Aug 7, 2011
    i read the "about us" on that page and i am new to quail and know that farm is lying about the size of the quail 18+ ounce a&ms? or 16 ounce pharoah so they dont sound honest and i wouldnt buy from them

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