Quail in house


11 Years
Oct 30, 2010
Hey guys I have a dilema, I had to move my brooding into the house until I get an air condition for the brooder shed. The temp inside was getting to 107*. And I lost a few baby quail. So I had to move the hatchers/ bators and newborns into the house. WELL we just had our 2nd child and were still at the hospital. My question is it sfe to have the baby quail in the house with a newborn? Is there any diseases that might be transfered . Im going to move them back out soon but were wondering if there neeeds to be a concern for mom and the baby?
The biggest problem you'd have is with dust; all birds create quite a bit of dust. Otherwise, as long as you wash your hands after caring for them and don't give the baby a quail to chew on you should be fine.
Separation and sanitation will be the key. Keep the birds as far away from the baby's room and common areas where the baby will be, and make sure you keep the birds clean and, most importantly, follow very strict sanitary procedures when it comes to things like handwashing, disposal of bird waste and bedding, etc.
Agreed on above posts...from a former Zoonoses specialist for a Health Dept. No reported diseases ever on pet birds living in a house with babies.

The exception would be SARS in deep Asiatic countries where ducks and chickens are in close contact with humans (as in running or hanging out in the house on the floors etc.).

Even when I had a very sick chicken with an e-coli infection, inside my basement....we did not get sick. We washed hands and changed clothes after handling any of the birds.

The same could be said for dogs and cats. They carry all sorts of microbes that we and our babies get exposed and then immune to.

Handwashing is key to it all. Babies, traveling through airports, preschool, grocerystore...on and on.

Congrats on your baby and doesn't it always go that "when it rains, it pours".

I wish you some sleep in the days to come. My baby shower gift to you.


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