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Discussion in 'Quail' started by Bobby65, Feb 14, 2015.

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    On of my quail started limping a month ago I looked at it it seamed to have a swollen leg joint. In the last two weeks three others started limping and yesterday afternoon when I went out to feed two of the limpers where dead.
    Any help would be good I think a couple others are starting to have the same problem. They are on shavings
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    Hi Bobby, i'm sorry you're having this problem... Do the limping quail eventually sort've lay on their side in the dirt? All i know is that one of mine began doing this, and i was told to put that one down as it is a disease that is contagious. I approached the quail when the rest were sleeping in their nests and gently relieved it from it's suffering, and all i know is that i have not had the same problem since then.
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    MS, Mycoplasma Synoviae, is not common in quail but it can happen. It is a contagious bacterial infection that causes swollen foot joints, generally on the left foot of the birds. Synovial fluid leaks out of the tendon sheaths into the joint and pad of the bird causing severe swelling and lameness. This bacterial also destroys the liver, kidneys, can cause respiratory ailments, heart conditions, all kinds of things.

    Dengard is a good antibiotic that has proven effect against MS and MG however if the birds are too far gone, it may not save them in time.

    My chicken flock contracted MS several years ago and I successfully treated them however it took a very long time of antibacterial drugs, surgically draining the fluid from the pad and moving them to new ground to help destroy the bacteria. Most birds are carriers for life.

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