Quail poop on grass/dirt


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5 Years
Jul 29, 2014
Today I moved my quails to a dog kennel (wire) and took out the bottom tray so they can peck on my backyard grass and dust bathe in the dirt.

Then of course they started pooping. I was hoping I could just leave them in the kennel for a few days... might be a nice treat (or not?) to be on the ground. But then what do I do with the poop? What do you guys do when you have those quail tractors? Do you just leave the poop on the ground and it just kinda... disappears? Or do you actually pick them up and throw them out?

You should probably be worming them if you are letting them on untreated soil (you may be already if so, great).Another thing is I've seen many posters on here who have experienced a large increase in poop balling around the coturnix toes when they are left on the same piece of grass for even just a bit too long.
Thanks DC! I'll look up worming on this forum. Hopefully it won't be too hard to acquire here in Canada.

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