Quail Questions!!


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Sep 13, 2009
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First, can I keep buttons with my Coturnix?? Buttons are sooooo cute but I wouldn't want them to get beat up or anything.

Second, (sorry this is totally random) I am a landscape architecture student and must have a landscape that has a large llama pen and duck pond as part of a design. I was thinking of lumping the animals together, with the pond inside the llama pen. Is that stupid?? Would the ducks get trampled?? I need some information so that I can defend my design!! Feedback is much appreciated!
Duck Vs Llama--- Idk? I Wouldnt See Any Problems With That 1, But Coturnix Vs Button= Bad Mojo Here!!! Those Coturnix Are Gonna Mess Them Buttons Up Like An Outbreak Of Polio!
I agree with Jeff. I do have to say that my first buttons lived happily with my old Japanese quail for over a year I think it was a lucky flunk. I would not ever do it again.
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NO buttons and coturnix together,it will be like some type of civil war in there,and yes im pretty sure you can keep llamas with ducks,they will probibly pretect em if a dog or coyote comes.
would my coturnix be ok??? their hutch is undercover and protected against the side of my home. and they have a nice roomy nest box where they can all huddle if its super cold!

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