Quail sexing for a dummy


8 Years
Jul 15, 2011
Ok I am a virgin when it comes to quail. I just bought 10 white quail. I believe to be A&M quail. They are 11 days old. When they get older how do I sex them?
Once they are breeding age you can easily vent sex them. The males will have a bump above the vent that when you gently squeeze on it a foamy substance will come out.
At around Five weeks, all your roos will start to crow.... Coturnix roos will crow in the dark! They will drive you nuts crow'n. When this starts, drag up a chair and watch. Spot the ones that crow and give them a zip tie bracelet.... hens dont crow. I would rather watch birds and drink a cold beverage, waiting to see who crows. Hate look'n up a birds skirt or squeeze'n toilet parts!!
Thanks for the info. Is that 1 or 2 beverages per bird. Heck I will fill a cooler and start when they are 3 weeks. A good reason to sit in the shed
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