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    Mar 24, 2012
    Hello friends,l'm back and it's time to hatch a few quail birds for the summer,iv'e dusted down the incubators and now I'm ready to go,first thing is to select the eggs and I have decided to go for the great egg laying Jumbo Quail having done that I need a reputable
    breeder I picked on one guy iv'e used before and only lives about 50 miles from me in
    a little town called Fleetwood in Lancashire England, he breeds a fairly large type jumbo quail that weighs about 1 lb 2oz when mature, so I'm waiting for the eggs to arrive via the Royal Mail, as he dose not post over the weekend it will be next Wednesday before I get them so watch this space , oh yes I will be hatching dry this time.
    So see you next week with an update, I'll be back, Jacko.

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