Quarantine enclosure within Omlet Eglu Cube?


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Nov 1, 2018
Hi there,
I care for five ex-commercial chickens. I'm trying to plan in advance for a separate confined space for one chicken should they get ill and need it. I've heard it's good to try and still keep them in the same space as the other chickens to avoid problems with re-integration.
I have an Omlet Eglu Cube, 3m run, small walk-in run and then a fenced off area in the garden too. I have no trouble thinking how to separate off a section of the garden or run and if their coop was a converted shed or something else larger it would be simple. But how to keep them together with the others inside the Eglu Cube (i.e, the coop)? I'm wondering if anyone has found another little enclosure to buy that has manged to fit in the Eglu cube to enable an ill chicken to be protected from the other chickens but still with them?
Many thanks :)
Jenny :)

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