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Apr 1, 2011
Okay, I had 3 momma guineas hatch 5 babies. After they left the nest, i went out to gather up what was left and I found a baby buried in hay and dirt, he was completely out of the crushed egg shell, but his cord was still attatched. Little guy was just all curled up in a fetal position and very, very cold. I thought he was dead then I heard a little peep. I brought him in the house an on closer inspection you could see he had not absorbed all his yolk and his little eyes were crusted over with dirt. It was just pitiful. Anyway, dear hubby and I got a lamp with a 40 watt bulb (that's all we had), we put him in a tray, on a towl with the lamp over him and we put foil around the tray for the heat. We put a thermometer in with him and got the temp up to a hundred. He finally started warming up, he started trying to move around but he would just roll. He couldn't walk. So, we fixed up a large pet taxi, put the lamp in and got it up to 95 degrees, we left him in his little tray and put it in the pet taxi. after 6-8 hours he still wasnt walking but the little guy would sit up and peck at the towel, so I sprinkled a little chick starter down and he started eating but still not walking. You could try and make him stand and he would just fall over. Over the next 24 hours, I would hold him up and make him take steps, kinda like physical therapy, I would make him walk and dip his beak in water. It has been 2 days, and now, he is up walking, drinking and eating. He was having trouble with one of his eyes. I think with all the dirt he was under, and I think he actually got pecked out of his shell by one of the other female guineas. I saw her back there scatterign all the eggs pecking around after the mommas got up. Anyway, this morning I wet a small cloth and wiped his little eye and he actually opened it. Now, after that long story, my question is, I have a Momma chicken hen and 12 guinea eggs, she is due to hatch the 6th. Do you think if he is still doing really well, I could sneak him in there at night and put him under the chicken and she won't know any difference and raise him. He is so cute, he kept snuggling up to the thermometer so I rolled up a sock and put in there with him, i noticed he kept trying to put his head in the sock trying to snuggle like they do their momma, so I took the sock out and put a little stuffed bear in there, I put the bear face down and his arms out so he would be up a little, well, the little guy snuggles up to the bear when he sleeps. He gets under the bears arm. It is sooooo cute. I'll have to try and up load a picture. Anyway, it anyone has any advice if you think I could sneak him in under the chicken hen, I would appreciate it. I named him Lucky.
Awww, how sweet you saved that little guy, excellent job! I can't believe he was in that bad of shape and you got him all healthy and up on his feet, that's incredible.

I think I'd try sneaking him under the broody Hen when the other keets start hatching, at night, in the dark... and just hope for the best. Hopefully she won't kick him out of the nest. The only other thing that I can think of doing that might work would be to take all of the keets when they hatch, get them all eating and drinking well in a brooder for a day or 2, then offer them all back to her as an entire clutch... if she's really a good broody momma she'll accept them, and if not at least your little guy won't be lonely any more... but you will have to brooder raise all those keets.

Best of luck, and congrats again on your successful save of such a pitiful little orphan!
Thank you sooo much PeepsCA! Ya, i'm kinda proud of myself. I tried to do a photo, I guess i'll have to wait until my honey can come home and show me how to do that. LOL.. He is such a cutie pie! He is soooo small! I really dont think he was ready to hatch. I'm guessing one of my lavenders probably busted him out. He still favors his right foot a little. I'm guessing he will might have some crooked toes going on, I guess we'll have to wait and see. I really think picking him up and helping/making him walk about every hour or so helped him tremendously. anyway, i'll post a picture as soon as I can. ;-)
Pat yourself on the back, you deserve it!

If you can take a couple pieces of tape and spread all of his toes out flat on one piece then press the other piece down on top of his foot (so his foot and toes are in the position that a normal foot would be if he was standing on it), then trim the excess to the shape of his foot (it will resemble a flipper or snow shoe) that will help him straighten his toes within a few days. I've found that black electrical tape works best for this, but any tape will be better than nothing, just make sure the toes are well stuck to the tape. You may have to pick him up a lot at first, but you are holding and working with him lots anyway, so just work that into his "recovery". The tape usually collects feed and poop dust and will come off in its own in a couple days, but you may need to do a 2nd flipper/shoe treatment if he's not fixed after the first couple of days. Good luck!

Try to aim your flipper/shoe to look something like this, and be sure to leave out that little dew claw toe on the back of his leg/foot:
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