Crazy for Silkies
7 Years
Jan 17, 2013
Hi this is the first time ive EVER allowed a rooster to mature in my flock and i have a question. My ladies are all squatting but ive not got eggs yet. Also my rooster is BREEDING WITH MY LADIES. Since my rooster is already mating i would assume he is mature at least sexually.. well he has not crowed yet. Is this usual? The roos ive had in the past that ive re homed ALWAYS crowed BEFORE They were sexually active im confused. Hes a large rooster about 4 pounds, he breeds with his ladies but has never crowed. I assumed hes mature if hes breeding, am i right?
all it really shows is that he is dominant. he might not be as friendly a roo as you would like. or your hens for that matter. I've had cockerels start "breeding" at 11 weeks, just around the time I expect them to start crowing, but I have had cockerels squawk/crow at 6 weeks.
at any rate, it's normal for a dominant bird. but sometimes, a dominant roo is not desirable. good luck!

eta just because he's attempting to breed, does not necessarily mean he is fertile yet...
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He and my girls are about 18 weeks old. The thing is hes a HUGE bird yet ive seen him submit to my tiny little silkie, so im not thinking its the dominate thing that hes fact he is so very gentle and kind and thats the ONLY reason ive kept this one. But i appreciate the info. You are likely right about him not being fertile yet. Is 18 weeks to young yet?
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