Question about cornish crosses


11 Years
Oct 10, 2008
Northern CA
My family is considering raising some meaties for the first time next spring. It seems like cornish crosses are very popular, and I am wondering about the breed. First, are they a breed of chicken called a cornish, crossed with another random breed? Second, are they easy to raise? Third, is their meat fatty or lean? Sorry for my dumb questions, but we are interested in raising healthy food because of all the junk they put in store bought chicken.
they are a cross breed like a labradoodle dog is a cross between a lab and a poodle. But it's not a random cross, in fact it's a very scientific process designed to get birds that will grow to the optimum weight in the shortest amount of time. They have been crossed and recrossed on both the female and the male side. One of those breeds is the White Rock.
Do some readiing on this thread you will find answers to most of your questions on the first two or three pages. good luck!
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