Question about ducks and millet


May 23, 2016
New Hampshire
I keep seeing millet on foods approved for ducks. How is it fed? Loose, like parakeet seed? On the stem? Won't millet just pass through undigested? Any benefits to it? I ask because I have parakeets and buy bulk spray millet.
In the winter my girls loved to clean up all the spillage from the squirrels at one particular feeder. The squirrels would break into it to eat the sunflower seeds and through out everything else.

Right now I'm growing in millet in the forage area near their pen. I have to chase them out of the area daily because they want to eat the seed.

I'm also experimenting with sprouting millet and beets for them. They graze the sprouts every chance I give them.
You might want to put out multiple sprays. My ducks would pick up something like that and chase each other and try to steal it away from each other.

I've never fed it in spray form. But I don't see why it wouldn't work especially if you're right there to monitor them.
I just tossed a couple of sprays into the pen and scared the bejeebus out of them! Lol!
"Death from the skies!!! Run!!!"

So we'll see if they ever go near it.
They will probably mouth the sprays and get the seeds out, and spit out the empty sticks. Mine find the occasional wheat or oats heads in the straw, its really funny to see them mouth the seed heads till they have every seed out of it. I was really alarmed cause I thought they were gonna choke on the straw, but they knew what they were doing, I watched them long enough to figure out what they were doing.

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