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Discussion in 'Geese' started by chickenzoo, Oct 17, 2008.

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    I'm new to the geese world, but jumped right in with an African male, a pair of Chinese, two toulawese females, and another. I noticed on the gals, especially the Toula's that the large flap of skin between their legs sometimes seems like it goes around both legs, sometimes one leg and others in the middle. What is it's per pus? I thought something was wrong with them, Ha HA [​IMG]
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    i was told it was used to sex them but then i was told its just a myth
    2 flaps for a male and one for a female . Its actualy worked for me but i dunno if its 100% accurate and im just lucky ?
  3. my chinese goose doesn't have flaps. in fact, he is completely flapless.... what's wrong with him? do they sell prosthetics?
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    My gander doesn't have flaps, but all my females do. When they are laying it is less of a flap because they have an egg in there taking up the slack.
  5. Flaps?!? How about a pic of those flaps? Then I can go and see my six... I do know the two eldest are girl gooseys so they about drag the ground between their webs. I've heard the higher pitched voices are more likely males or ganders but flaps??? Wait till I tell mine this tomorrow. Okay boys and girls, stand still, quit honking at me, I need to see if you've got flaps...more honking...heads lowered, so I can't see, walking, no, waddling slowly, honking...about flaps...[​IMG]

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