Question about lighting on baby chicks, its cold at night, hot during the day.

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by capthollis, Oct 30, 2012.

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    In South Tx we are 65 degrees at night, and 85+ during the day. Brooder box is 4' long, and 3' tall x 3' wide. I have a red light mounted at the very top of the box. Question is that are my chicks getting too hot during the day? I have 25 in there, and almost 2 weeks old. I'm not home during the day. I noticed when I got home today that they were all on one side of the brooder to escape that heat, but I'm not brave enough to unplug that light when I leave to goto work. I think the nip in the air in the mornings would get them. Should I get a timer for this red light?
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    Sep 30, 2012
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    I would recommend using the light when it is below 80-85 degrees...once their wings are feathered out completely, they will only need the light when you need a jacket...the chicks will let you know if they are cold! If you are worried about them getting too hot, try to make the light only shine on one side of the brooder
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    Thank You Sera!. Thats was a straight forward answer, and I appreciate it. These Australorp chicks are doing great, and growing like weeds!
    Thanks again
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    I have week-old chicks in my RV (safe place from the cats) and it gets hot during the day. I have the light on a timer from 6PM to 9AM when it starts to warm up.
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    Another option is two bulbs -- lower wattage during the day and higher at night. I did that with my spring chicks that were in an outdoor brooder. It made me feel better that they still had something if there was a thunderstorm while I was away and the temperature dropped.
  6. Two different bulbs is good. As is having a big enough brooder for them to self-regulate. That self-regulating ability is always important, at all times. Being just a wee bit cool isn't nearly as bad as being overheated and stroked out. A 250 watt during 85 degree weather is unneeded, especially at the 2 or 3 week mark.

    Your situation isn't all that much different than most folks who brood outdoors in a shed or garage. The days are often 40+ degrees warmer than the nights, so adjustments must be made for the differential. It's quite manageable.
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    I agree, 2 bulbs is the way to go.
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    Ok Friends, yes I Jyst put a timer on the light so this will be a lot better. Ill be doing the 2 light deal for sure. Thank You all.

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