Question about my call duck cross (lonely?)


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Feb 1, 2010
Hi! I have a few questions about my little male black east indie/call cross (chick-A-duck is his name). We only have other ducks right now. Hes about 5 yrs old or so. For the past few years he has stayed with our hens (despite how messy he is with the water!!). He follows them everywhere, sleeps up against them, and even grooms them! Hes gotten to where in the warmer months when they all freerange he will aggressively defend them...he'll charge and go right for the ankle/toes (mainly against any man that comes near) lol! We are concerned for a few reasons...we have thought a lot about separating him (still having contact through chicken wire) due to how badly and quickly he can soil their water when they are mostly cooped up Dec-March. We've tried everything from putting rocks in the container to using very shallow heated poultry waterers and just trying to give him a little while to bathe outside the coop door in a little tub. The limited access is an issue for him as he gets crusty around his eyes/beak at times
( If we set water in the coop with him its a DISASTER! Despite cleaning right up..we worry about it affecting the health of the a tiny duck can soak the coop so quickly , and "funkafi" the water is a mystery to me lol
Does anyone have any suggestions?? We thought about a duck companion for him but have to avoid a female due to very close by neighbors (I heard they can be quite loud). Would a male companion be acceptable or could this cause a rivalry (over his harem of chickens). Perhaps if we presented him with a duckling it would help prevent rivalry? What about a female duck of a different (quieter) breed...standard sized??? We have considered a pen for him attached alongside the chickens where he can see them and be near...but when we've tried this in a temp set-up he spent all day quacking and upset. Thanks!!!!
All mallard derived species are noisy (females) I have Calls and runners and the runners are louder! I would get him a small breed female duck, they do quack a bit, but its not like getting a rooster which will start crowing at some ungodly hour of the morning. Let us know how you go.
Oh I forgot to mention that female muscovy ducks are very quiet, but might take longer for your drake to bond with another species of duck...... food for thought.
Sooo Sorry it took me 2 thousand years to respond! I really appreciate the advice! Its so funny..I met muscovies for the first time at the zoo in Buenos Aires (we were there a few weeks back ). They were so neat looking and seemed very gentle. I heard they do not need a lot of water (like a pond) but do fly well if you are not careful??? What a pair they would make lol!! If I get a female I think i will go with a small breed (except for the calls..OMG they are LOUD!!). I wonder what the quietest small breed females are???

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