Question about my old dog?? is she dying? (update page 2)


8 Years
Aug 14, 2011
Central California (Denair/Turlock)
She is 18 years old this year-i had her since i was 3
She hasnt ate much today
she vometed alot today
and has diareha
she walks around and then trys to vomit again
she has nothin in her belly to throw up
she drank some water
i have her laying down resting
but im worried about her
is she dying? or is she just sick??
she can walk and stand.
but now she wont drink water and im not even ganna try to feed her right now.
im very worried.....
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Wow! 18 is a very long life for a dog. You must be giving her a wonderful life with lots of love.
I would suggest giving her what she feels she can handle, keep her warm and comfortable with lots of gentle cuddles and love and do give your vet a call in the morning as, like older humans, older dogs can dehydrate quickly.
If it is her time she will let you know in her own way.
Hugs to you both and I hope you have a peaceful night.
It is not easy helping our dear friends through their final stages of life.
Is it bloody stool? It sounds like Parvo. Old dogs and puppies get it. If she starts having seizures, find an emergency vet. I hope everything is okay, but 18 is very old for a dog!!
It might be hard but if she is still sick tomorrow I would take her to the vet for sure tomorrow if possible. The vet might recommend you to put her down.
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