question about plants in Button quail aviary

Discussion in 'Quail' started by cochinGurl, Feb 18, 2013.

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    hello, I am new to owning buttons, I just got my first pair 4 days ago from a local pet shop that was not taking adequate care of them. They were keeping the pairs in the bottom of 2'x2' cages with finches and other birds, with no roof padding. I decided to rescue the little guys and give them a nicer place. for now i have them in a wire and plastic rabbit set up thats 3 feet wide four feet long and 3 feet high(with LOTS of padding). I have lots of potted plants in there that they've been munching on including kale and clover sprouts. The female shows signs of a head injury, which is kind of to be expected what with kids running up to press their faces against the glass. when they get startled they jump strait up and the old cage was only like 3 feet high. They are much perkier since they've started getting a lot of live green food and not just pellets and seeds. they love to run around and they went crazy when i gave then a boal with dust in it. I'm getting ready to make something bigger for them though, more like 4 feet by 4 feet by 6 feet. its going to have lots of hiding places and plants and that brings me to my question...

    I was wondering if It is safe to have ferns in button quail enclosures, and what kinds, (bracken, sword, act) Because I think they would really like to hide and make nests under the nice droopy leaves of a sword fern. also, any other plants people have found good for buttons would be great to hear about :)

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    Many ferns are toxic to birds, so I would find some other type of plant to use. Maybe a big spider plant or even chives could work for hidey places. You may have to do some google searching to find some plants that you can use that will suit your needs.
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    I use artificial ferns in mine and they can be removed and washed as needed. I also use fake grass clumps but love to give them some fresh green grass clumps in the summer to watch them peck through it looking for bugs and eating the roots and blades. I do not remember seeing anything about ferns being toxic but twocrows is usually right as rain on quail info. You could use tree branches and such for hiding places but mine are just as happy with a soda pop 12 pack box end and a oatmeal tube to run through. Have fun and good luck!

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