question about possible ruptured air sac.

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    hi. i'm hand feeding a baby pigeon. i'm not sure if he has a ruptured air sac or not. he is not all swelled up like some birds are. its just the air pockets on his neck.. when he gets real excited and peeps a lot, or when he first starts eating, its possible he took in air. how do I tell the difference? his poop is healthy..hes pretty active. hes 9 days old today. my fear is now, am I feeding him enough..since he swells up when hes afraid I will stuff him full and something will pop. it seemed less today than yesterday, but its definitely when he gets all frisky before eating. I use the plastic bag method to feed him..thats what he took to. tried all the others. he digs his little beak right in there and gulps it up.

    do I wait and see? Ive read if its a ruptured sac it could heal by itself..or it might be just air in his crop? or a combo of both? he definitely wants food..hes not refusing it..

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