Question about putting older chicks with hen laying on eggs


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May 15, 2012
I have a first time young brood hen that I bought fertilized eggs to put under today. She is indoors in a large cage. I had six chicks in a separate cage and due to my in laws not taking care of them properly when I went out of town I now only have two chicks left- a one week old and a four week old.
My question is I want to put the two remaining chicks in the large cage with the hen that is nesting on eggs, so I can have everyone in one cage/area. Is that OK or a bad idea?
It is a four foot wide by four foot tall multi level cage and she is a small serama on five small eggs, and her nest is in a corner under a shelf.
If I put them together I could build a barrier around her area if needed, but I didn't know if just having the chicks within eye site would anger her. Or if she would suddenly abandon the eggs to take care of the chicks (they are not her own).
I really want to the put the chicks in the same cage, but not at the expense of the eggs or the hen
I would be reluctant to take the chance. Some hens will set through anything - others are more easily distracted.

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