Question about Quarantine after a Show.....


It's All About Chicken Math
12 Years
Apr 29, 2007
I am taking 9 birds to the local Fair Show. We will actually be splitting the run as origionally planned this weekend so it will be a perfect place to put all show birds when they return.
My question is this and I am sure I know the answer, really just confirming.
THe run will be split with wire and each side will have a seperate coop, for precaution should we temporarily put up wood, plastic or a more solid barrier for a weeks or so ? This would keep the chickens that stayed home from actually touching the Show Chickens.
You should probably have them in a totally separate area as far from the stay-at-homes as possible. A barrier of wood or plastic will not prevent transmission of disease.
My other option is to move my juvies from the barn, but I am afraid that these guys will not have enough room.... Of course best case is to sell the ones that are for sale and not bring so many back home.

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