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    Jul 27, 2008
    I am considering buying some sebright bantams, and I would like to know how cold hardy they are. I heard they are a little fragile, but I just wanted to be sure that they're not to that great an extent, before I bought some and turned them into chickcicles, [​IMG]
    I'm planning on keeping them in a pretty warm coop. Just wanted to make sure they aren't too fragile to live in Maine [​IMG]
  2. I breed Silver Sebrights. They are pretty good about the cold. It gets down to around 25 or lower in the winter, and I dont use a heat lamp. They are fine with the cold. I do put a regular light in the coop, so that there is a little big extra warmth.

    In the winter I move move the small chickens into one pen with a run, that way they stay warm from the body heat. They arent crowded though. They have a coop, and then a 21' by 24' run covered with chickenwire.

    I havent lost any to the cold.

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