Question for all you Hova Bator experts...


16 Years
Jan 12, 2007
Chebanse, Illinois
I only use the sportsman incubators, so I know nothing about the smaller ones.

I recently was given a brand new Hova Bator No. 1602B and a No. 1611B turner.
I want to try it out, but I would like to get a turbo fan for it first.

Does anyone know the best place to get one, cost wise and are they easy to install?

My next question is, I keep my sportsmans in the basement, it is usually pretty cool down there. Will the Hova bator maintain temp down there. I was hoping to set it ontop of one of my sportsmans, so when I needed to transfer eggs to the hatcher, It would be handy.
Any tips on usage will be greatly appreciated too!

I'm no expert, but I wanted to say that I do keep my hova bator in the basement. It's about 60 degrees down there and it holds temp like a champ.
my bator is everywhere as far as temp goes. Sometimes it wants to stay around 98 and other times it goes up to 104. Ya never know!
Hi Christie,
WOW you lucky duck! I don't have a fan in my hova, and it works just fine. I also have it in the basement (along with 16 chicks right now!).

good luck
Christie, my Hova circ air does great if the temp in the house doesn't fluctuate up and down, but also, if it doesn't go below 70 degrees. Maybe it's just the night time temp dips that do it since the metal lever on the thermostat that sticks outside the bator transfers cold to the wafer and sometimes makes it run longer than it should, thereby raising the temp a little too high. If you put a muff of some sort on that lever, it helps alot.
Thanks for all the tips. I am kinda scared to fill it up for fear of screwing it up.

Now I gotta figure out what eggs I have that I don't care if they all flop...I don't think i have any that fit in that category.

But, I sure could use the extra space, I have one sportsman full and started the other one over the weekend and have to set eggs again today...the scarey thing is the majority of our birds are'nt even laying yet!!!!!

My husband wants a third sportsman...I am sweetin it, as it is from now till fall, all I do is gather eggs, move eggs, set eggs, candle eggs, hatch eggs, clean up eggs, repeat....

I love it, but I stress over keeping track of everything that goes on in the 2 that we got.

Not to mention...where I am suposed to put all those cute little fuzzies that would come out of sportsman #3....

I will just have to get brave and test this little bator out.
Go for it, Christie!!! As long as your exterior temps don't fluctuate much, your Hovabator should be able to hold a steady temp just fine.

Good Luck!!!!


PS - can't wait to swap Wellie eggs with you! I'll start a test hatch probably next week, so we'll see how it goes!

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