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    Mar 5, 2007
    This is day 19 that my Buff Orphington has been faithfully setting on 12 eggs. She is indoors and quite comfy. Each evening she lets me take her off the eggs for a few minutes. My husband made a candler so I use those mintues to check the eggs. PLease tell me what I am looking for. I do see an air sac--clear line between that and the dark rest of the egg in 10 of them. But for two of them the air sac line is very faint--the egg looks about the same all the way through. Still I think I see a small darkish thing in the middle. I do want to take out the infertiles but even with chicks I'm strongly pro-life. I would hate to remove an egg with a chick. If she were outside I would just let all the eggs alone and I guess the infertiles would eventually break and smell bad. Is that the worse that would happen? If so, I guess I can put up with it. Is there a no-fail method to spot the infertiles with a candler?
    ALso--those of you with incubaters--do the eggs move before they pip? I just wonder if my hen feels any movement now that we are so close to due date?
    I am so excited!
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    If it's day 19 I would just leave them alone and not worry about it. It's not going to hurt anything; it's possible that they may break, but not likely if they have gone this long. Hopefully you'll have some little ones in a couple of days! Good luck........
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