Question on feed protein and layers


8 Years
Jun 2, 2011
My girls are laying heavily but I also have a gander and a drake. I always provide 2 different feeds (one layer pellets the other waterfowl feed), oyster shell, grit, as well as let them free range. My thinking is that they can balance their own needs this way. Recently my feed store added a new brand of feed called Payback.

So after trying the new brand of Payback layer pellets I found that everyone loved them. They actually prefer them to the Albers layer pellets that I had been using for some time. The Payback layer has 17% protein and the Albers has 16% so not much of a change there. The ducks will continue to get the new Payback layer pellets now.

The Albers which I had been using has 16% protein and my birds loved it. The Payback waterfowl feed has 20% protein. I have only been trying them on it for a few weeks but they hate it so far. I tried mixing it into with the Albers and they still turn their bills up at it.

I am thinking that the Albers waterfowl might be better for my set up anyway as the gander and drake and non-laying girls (whenever that is) always ate a lot of the waterfowl and skipped the layer. The laying ducks eat more of the layer pellets and only nibble on the waterfowl. So the lower protein of the Albers would be better I am thinking. Does this sound right?

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