Question, please- Transporting first chickens


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I am SO excited

Tomorrow, I am picking up 2 barred rock hens and 2- seven week old buff Orpingtons. I am driving about 2 hours away for these gals (gasp, oh the gas!) and want to know what is the best way to transport them home. I will have a large truck and would like to secure one of my wire dog crates in the back for the hens. Is that safe? What if it rains? Will it freak out the chickens?
And for the 7 week old BOs, I have either a recycle box with hay on the bottom OR a small cardboard critter carrier I had from transporting a bunny a LONG time ago. How big are 7 week old BOs? Can they fly? The recycle box is about a foot high by maybe 2 feet long and the cardboard carrier only about 8 inches high x 12 inches long x 8 inches wide.
Any suggestions would be WONDERFUL!
Thanks for any help,
could they not ride up front in their containers with you, or is the cab going to have other passengers? If you do put them in the back, make sure to put them all the way up against the cab so the wind doesn't whip around them as badly. Do you have a med. size Pet Taxi (dog or cat carrier)? The two buffs should be able to fit in the recycle box with no problem. Are the BRs fully grown hens? If they are about the same size or not much bigger than the buffies, maybe they could all fit together in the wire dog crate (if they are accustomed to each other and wouldn't be fighting or pecking due to the stress) . Might be a good idea to bring an extra container or something like that as a backup plan, or Plan B. ... congrats on your new fluffies!
A box with holes for vent would do fine in a pinch. You would need a bigger box than that. The dog wire carrier would suit the big birds just fine. A tarp will keep the wind down on them.

Depends on how many of those seven week old Orp chicks you got, it would be nice to get some thing like a copier box and put holes on top for vent would be fine if you are putting them in the truck cab. The wind in the back would be too much for them.
Thanks for the great ideas. I found the perfect plastic box with vented lid for the 7 week chicks (they will ride in the truck cab). And I found an old (but good condition) bunny cage that we secured in the truck bed (near the cab so the wind goes over them). I will pick up a tarp on the way there for any possibility of rain. And I put a thick bedding of hay on the bottom on both the crates.
Wish me luck- I am getting my first chickens! Yippee
also, if you keep them in a darkened place, like udner the tarp, they can get along better in smaller quarters.

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