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Mar 1, 2011
Northern Idaho
I am trying to come up with a coop design. I think I will have roughly 4-6 hens. Would a coop that measured 5x6 w/3 outer nesting boxes be enough space? Oh yah with roughly 4ft of roosting. This is just interior space of the coop, not with the run attached. Thanks so much.
Four ft. of roosting space would best accomodate 4-5 chickens. It's generally recommended to give 12 inches of roost space per bird. At times, they'll squeeze together and it'll seem like there's plenty of space. But 12 inches is suggested so that they can flap their way up there, so they can turn around, and so that birds can scooch over a bit if there are personality conflicts.
Personally, I'd advise four birds in that size coop, because of where you're located. I'd guess in your area, that unless you have a roofed run that you tarp up a bit seasonally, your birds will spend (by choice) a decent amount of time indoors over the winter months. The more space the better, especially in areas that can get severe weather.
4 sqft per bird in the coop, 10 sqft per bird in the run. But, because of chicken math go bigger. An 8x8 coop is a good start for a small flock. Enough sqft for up to 16 birds.
My dad is actually going to help us build our coop, as we lack in the construction department.
He was saying that we should go 6x8 coop, so maybe I will let him go that big.
Oh we are going to cover a portion of the run & will trap the other half if need be during the winter. The coop/run will be placed under a large crab apple tree, so it doesn't get a ton of snow. Not sure what the total sq ft of the run is going to be, but they will have free range of my back yard and part of my parents, so I am not fully concerned in that department. Thank you for your input.
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