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    I have a question about one of my banty eggs-this is Day 10 of incubation. This egg is one of my few survivors from a disasterous mail-order. When I candle I can see movement and blood veins, but the air cell is not on the end? It is in the middle.

    Is this baby doomed? I think I would rather pull it out now than let it keep developing if it doesn't have a chance, rather than let it make it all the way just to die. I also had one unknown egg that had NO aircell, it had veins all the way through the egg, but it developed a blood ring on Day 7. Out of 18 eggs that were mailed, only 8 were not broken...Three I cannot candle, they are very dark brown. One banty has veins-but only at one area near the air cell, but i see movement. I am scared that it is dying-losing its veining.

    I hate incubating and I love it- both at the same time. [​IMG]
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    I have some shipped eggs that are about as scrambled as yours [​IMG]. I candled them last night and removed all the clears (which was more than half).

    I had one egg I'd written no on. As I candled I saw a dark dot, and veins. What I didn't know with some of the eggs was if they'd stopped developing or were alive. I tend to assume they are alive [​IMG].

    If an egg rots you can smell it [​IMG]. As you candle snip them if they smell ok put them back in.

    If any of these hatch it will be a miracle. Had some temp issue one of which dh unplugged it for ? hours. Temp got to75. Then had a hard time getting it past 98. Its been ok at 101 for awhile and as I said some eggs look good. There are 3 of mine in there to tell if temps etc are ok. [​IMG]

    And I am leaving today for a week in Maine to care for my father so they'll be untended, not turned etc. I've given dh enough choirs with 30ish chickens two boodies of which I found one yesterday. Two chicks in the house and a ton of seedlings to tend.


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