Questions about chicks coming next week

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by Kezzie, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. Kezzie

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    Feb 15, 2009
    Coastal Georgia
    I just have a few more questions that I would love some input on:

    1) should I request that they be vaccinated for Marek's? How prevalent is the disease? How effective is the vaccine? (We don't vaccinate ourselves or our cats for many reasons). We're getting the first 100 lbs of feed medicated so I think they're okay for coccidosis...

    2) should I order grogel or will they send some anyway?

    3) I read somewhere that they can send paperwork to show something about the lineage or something like that. Would it be worth it to pay the extra for that if I might decide later that I want to breed?

    4) should I start them on the Poly-vi-sol in the water right away to get them off to a good start? (we don't have feed stores anywhere nearby).

    Oh, they're coming from McMurray, shipping on Saturday. I'm terrified after reading about all the losses. I'm not sure I can handle having a bunch of dead chicks [​IMG]
  2. katrinag

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    I choose to vac. for mareks. I am not the only one around me raising chickens. It brings me some peace of mind.
    For the first couple hours I give sugar water.
  3. congdon476

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    Dec 31, 2008
    Pueblo Area
    Quote:Nope- don't have to. Same reasons you would question your own vaccinations. Medicated chick feed will cover basic issues.

    Quote:You have to order it.

    Quote:You can, but I don't know how much it really means from McMurry. Usually this is something you do with direct breeders.

    Quote:I haven't seen anyone use the Poly-vi-sol unless a bird is sick.

    Losses are usually due to delayed shipping or bad weather. It's part of ordering live chicks. Though my last batch was all healthy and happy.
  4. TXmom

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    I'm NOT an expert, but I'll tell ya what I decided for myself:

    1) I chose to get mine vaccinated for Marek's because I'm a scaredy-cat...LOL. I know lots of people don't get the vaccine, so I guess it's not necessary. Try to find out if Marek's is common in your county because it can be spread by the wind even if your chicks do not come into direct contact with other chickens.

    2) I ordered the Grogel because I wanted mine to get a good start. I don't think they'll send it if you don't order it, but I don't know for sure.

    3) I have no idea.

    4) If you get the Grogel, I wouldn't worry about the Polyvisol. Grogel has vitamins, protein, probiotics, etc.

    Best wishes for a safe shipment! I ordered 10 but Ideal sent me 15 "packing peanuts". They all arrived alive and I only lost 1 of the extras a few days later. I still have all the ones I ordered [​IMG]
  5. Indiana hens

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    Jun 25, 2008
    Pendleton, Indiana
    Yes on Mareks and Newcastle vaccine; if they have it. Medicated feed is usally for Coccidiosis; which is an internal parasite.
  6. E.G.Glayer

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    Jan 29, 2009
    Blanchester OH
    1. Vaccinations are up to you, I got my MM chicks vaccinated for Mareks and Cocci just for peace of mind.
    2. You can request gro gel be sent with the chicks but I ordered mine separately from MM.
    3. They will include papers if you plan to use them for 4H, just let them know you need them. I dont show so I didnt need.
    4. Polyvisol I am guessing this is a vitamin electrolyte powder, I ordered quik chik from MM with the gro gel it took 2 days for me to get it with free shipping for both.

    In regards to shipping, I just received my first order from them today ( all healthy and very active) and they shipped on Sat received them Mon morning early. MM had included some gro gel in the box for them to eat during the trip.

    I was a nervous wreck waiting but you just have to hope the PO does their job. It wont hurt to say a little prayer too. You probably see more posts regarding the tragedies but there are many more times when everything works just like it is supposed to. Just like the evening news, there are far more good things happening than get reported, they always seem to focus on the bad. Keep a positive attitude and pray, the odds are in your favor.[​IMG]
  7. juice

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    May 27, 2008
    If anyone out there is interested in ordering MM chicks, I live in Hastings MI and an ordering 12 for the april 28delivery...if you want to go in on this and get 13 birds let me know ...thank you . Juice
  8. sugarbush

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    Jul 24, 2008
    Lexington KY
    Most hatcheries only recommend vaccination for large flocks. If you have a small flock and you are not bringing in birds from outside your flock you really don't need to.

    As a Nurse I must say you really should think long and hard about not vaccinating your family. With more and more parents not vaccinating I dread when the day comes that we have a mumps, rubella or some other outbreak. There will be a lot of otherwise preventable deaths.

    You're only prolonging the inevitable. At some point in life they will be forced to be vaccinated
  9. Oceanseve

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    May 23, 2008
    Guthrie, OK
    just remember death kinda goes hand in hand w/ getting chicks. All of ours survived the brooder last year we were so excited, most don't see that happen! Then within a week or two of putting them out they started dropping.

    If you have no reason to believe your land is infected w/ mareks they say no reason to get it. We are antivax as well (sugarbush - you might want to do some research of your own, btw no one can force you to vax), but if this flock drops like the last one did we will vax next year (we are pretty sure if we have it, that it came from an adult we bought last year)

    as for papers, I thought what I read is so long as the bird is up to standard you can show them? Right? no papers needed? I could be wrong tho.
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  10. Kezzie

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    Feb 15, 2009
    Coastal Georgia
    Quote:I appreciate that you are trying to be helpful but your post is full of inaccuracies. I'm not out to change anyone's mind but must note the following:

    1) this is still the United States of America. NO ONE can force anyone to be injected with anything.

    2) we do in fact have outbreaks of measles and mumps except now we are seeing them in twenty somethings when the vaccine has worn off and when these diseases are far more dangerous and deadly.

    Again, there are a thousand reasons to choose not vaccinating and I can assure you, nurse or no, that I have spent considerably more time researching vaccination, the immune system, and disease incidence and history than have you. In general, parents who don't vaccinate have educated themselves more on the issues than those who do. I don't want to come across as unfriendly but please don't spread the misinformation that people MUST be vaccinated.

    Now please, back to my little fuzzy butts coming next week...

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