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    Jun 15, 2011
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    I checked my girls for mites the last couple days, because someone I know had them on her chickens. Today I saw one little brown/red thing scatter from the vent area when I separated the feathers on my Welsummer, so I'm going to dust the girls and clean out the coop.

    Can I mix the permethrin dust with water to spray the wood hutches? If so what should the concentration be? Or does Oxine work better? Fortunately for me, my coop is chainlink with tarps. I'll still have to remove bedding, but I was planning on mucking it out soon anyway.

    My coop has a dirt floor, which may make it difficult to get every last litte bit of shavings. Should I spray that down also, and if so, with what? Everyone says clean out the coop, but what about the run/outside?

    I recently brought in some wood ashes for their dust bathing area, and I just added some DE. Can I add some of the permethrin dust to it?

    As I've only seen one on one bird, I'm hoping to catch it early before major infestation sets in. No red vents, feather yuck, pale combs or other signs on anyone yet. They all look very healthy and are laying up a storm!

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    Yes you can add the dust to the DE. Oxine won't kill mites, it disinfects. Love that stuff. I wish I could help you with the spray, but I've had that stuff in liquid form for 2 years and have never gotten an answer. You can apply the dust directly to the wood. Hope that helps.
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    Jun 15, 2011
    Portland, OR
    If I dust their coop rather than spray, how do I get the dust everywhere, even in the cracks?

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    I just did this today. I put the dusting powder in a knee high pantyhose and use it like a powder puff. I lightly tap it on perches and on cracks and a light dusting comes out. I also use it to treat my chickens. Today I tried something new, I got a little black sack with drawstrings on the open end, I put the sack over my hens head and tightened the drawstrings enough that it wont come off. Because it is heavy material and black, the chicken can't see and doesn't move. I can hold the chicken in one hand and the powder puff in the other. It went really well and protected the hens eyes.
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    Here is a website that may help.

    Wilco sells liquid permethrin to spray the coop, diluted as per label instructions (peel the label).

    Also, I'd not add the permethrin to the dustbath since that will prolong their exposure to the chemical. I don't treat the run myself. Remember to retreat in 7 days and go easy on the shavings since you need to toss them again in 7 days (really you do!).

    I take a chicken and powder puff them with a tied-off sock with them on their backs, getting under the wings and everywhere except the face. I use a plastic bag inside a cardboard box to catch the excess powder, which helps dust the back of the next one.

    For severe infestations you may need to keep treating weekly until gone.

    Remember this is a toxic chemical and I personally wear a mask, gloves, long sleeves, and take shower afterward.
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