Questions again...When to chuck eggs.?

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by gabrielle1976, Mar 18, 2009.

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    Feb 21, 2009
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    First a qusetion about blood ring type stuff.. I have one small white egg<hasnt been a good day for the small white eggs I got shipped to me, not the shippers fualt she packed them beutifully>
    Its not a blood ring but the color is the same as I have seen in pictures.. Its two spots about the size of a grain of rice ... the air cell is allso not fixed and has smaller bubbles around it... Should I chuck it its on day 3/4, no sign of viening.
    Ok I have 5 eggs that had viening on day 5 but at day 8 I could not find a embryo or see any movement although I can still see viens..should I give it more time or not.. the rest of the ones with embryo's moveing around in there were very obvious.
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    I keep my eggs until day 12 and I candle them at that time.
    Some chicks start slow or maybe its hard to see throught shell before then.
    It won't hurt to have them in there that long, and by the time they are that age, you can most defenetly tell which ones are not growing.
    It sounds like you still have veining so keep 'em in there. [​IMG]
    The one that you mentioned the air cell wasn't fixed, may be a dud. It sounds to me that it may have been scrambled from shipping, but I haven't done shipped eggs yet. Like I said if you aren't sure, it should be fine to leave it in there a few more days if you want to be positive.
    Good luck with your babies. [​IMG]
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    As long as they are not weeping or smelly I would leave them in and check again in a few days. If any start either of the above toss them.
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    Don't give up on eggs with scrambled air cells! I have already had many of those hatch, and I only started hatching eggs this winter! [​IMG]

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