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Mar 1, 2009
Muskogee OK
hey guys- prayers needed! please be in prayer- i have an appointment with a oral surgeon next monday- the dentist found possible pre-cancerous legion in my mouth- trying to trust the Lord on this- so pass it along to everyone that prays! Thanks! It may be nothing, but won't know till then- i also am diabetic and have found that might be a possibility too....
Well unless you have been chewing tobacco, I would believe that your problem is much more likely from the diabetes. Oral cancer is rare outside of those people that have chewed. But no matter why best wishes, that it is nothing serious.
My dentist panicked when he saw a 'spot' on my gum and sent me to a specialist in a big hurry a couple of years ago. It was just a piece of bone working it's way to the surface and out. Wierd, I know. I'll just pray that your's is something simple like that...
thanks everyone! as a chronic researcher- i have found alot of comforting info- number one of course is quit smoking- i'm a light smoker, but.... that must go- also one site said low immune system can show up like that- so i gotta get my act together... so i spent some time with the chickens- always a great reliever of stress- i mean how can you be stressed looking at my fluffy butts!


not to mention my knucklehead roos!

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