Questions on a new Duck House?!?

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  1. So i have two ducks (8 weeks and male and female) and right now they live with the chickens. So i want to separate them. I want to do that because the chickens are bullies and i want my pair to hatch ducklings this spring. So, How much will it cost for a basic pen for the two and also for ducklings(run with pool and egg place)? I was thinking about buying a already built one but I want to see if i can get it cheaper.
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    Not sure what your budget for this is, but to save yourself some labor on the run you could opt to use an outdoor dog kennel for the run. As for an egg and brooder area, a large dog house made by you, or purchased will work well.
    If you search our site, you can find some great ideas that fit every budget.
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    Where are you located ? (So your usual max sustained temps in summer, and usual minimum sustained temps in the winter)

    Ducks are pretty hardy...

    So really, I would spend the money on excellent fencing... as big an area as possible, and don't forget fencing on top.

    But then.... whatever..... (depending on your temps, where you are located. Lots of snow or rain and some to all of their run should have solid roofing )

    The first summer I had ducks they were very happy nesting under an upside down wheel narrow (inside a safely fenced area).

    A small table, picnic bench or even just a bench and a piece of plywood can work well.

    As for a pool, you can use anything that holds water. An old sand box, a large tub, a boat, and old bathtub....

    However, I do like a small enough pool that I can dump it out easily to rinse it out well.
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  4. in summer this high would be 93 and for winter it can be 27. Also we get like one hurricane every year. I’m in North Carolina. I am planning on building a nesting box first.
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    Here's how to add your general geographical location to your profile.
    It's easy to do, (laptop version shown), then it's always there!
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    In that case all you need is an excellently built pen. To keep them safe from predators is the main thing.

    Then yes, a nesting box of some kind... but a dog house, or an over turned wheel barrow... whatever you have, will work well as a nesting box.
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