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    Jan 6, 2009
    If anyone out there can answer these question?? I recently decided to build my own chicken coop, I have one White Leghorn rooster and seven hens to match in a 8 x 16 enclosure. After searching the net I found many different breeds and rare birds. Growing up in Newyork I just thought a chicken was a chicken. Now in the Houston area and doing a little homework ive seen several breeds I'm interested in such as Buff Brahma Bantam, Sultan, all color Silkies, Red Pyle Games, Buff Japenese, Buff Rocks, Rose Comb Leghorns. Can anyone tell me who sells these around the Houston area? Which of these breeds are hearty and about how much the cost of these birds would be??

    Thank you For any help!!
    Patsys Farm

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