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Aug 29, 2008
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I was wondering if anyone could suggest a book/books that would help me learn about showing (I'm looking at barred rock bantams). I'm looking for something like an idiots guide or showing for dummies. I am really trying to learn about the breed but having trouble locating anything.
I don't think they have a dummies guide to showing but you can try the bantam standard of perfection or try going to different hatcherys for books. I know Ideal poultry sells books as well as mcmurray hatchery. Hope that helps
Thanks bantamlover I started looking for books from the hatcheries and I found a 4H website that was pretty helpful. I'm just learning about it all so I figured someone here would know something
We learn alot by going to the shows. There are people there that would be very helpful. Just be nice and act interested, most people love to talk about there birds and what to look for in a show bird.
I used to watch my sister back when she was in 4H. I just showed the first of my own birds 20 years later.

The show secretary will send you a form to fill out, it should tell you what you need to show. Usually a pollrum test. Fill it out. I made mistakes on mine (even with my all knowing sister's help)--the show sec called me and cleared it up.

Make sure they are clean. Spot clean with a rag, or an actual bath if needed.

And go! Most people at the shows are helpful, and the judges are always great to talk to.

Have fun!

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