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Hi, I have 5 EE chicks that are 1 1/2 weeks old, and I have 5 Salmon Faverolles coming on Friday morning, My question is can I put the new SF chicks in the same brooder with the EE chicks? or should I set up a new brooder for the SF chicks? Thanks!
How old are the SF's?
From Ohio! I'm not the most experienced, but I think you could blend your chicks if you begin by a divider to introduce them. Let them see & smell each other & not peck or taste after a day or two, they should be OK - under your supervision, to be together.The size difference will be your guide, if they're close in size they could get along fine. If there's anyone much smaller, he/she could be a target forthe insatiable curiosity of your larger chicks. ALWAYS be sure there's plenty of chick starter mash available. And toys like branches, grass clumps, paper product tubes; things for them to explore & climb on.
I'm guessing your new ones will be three days old. I'm sure someone on here could help you better that I, but at that young age I wouldn't think they could be very aggressive to the new ones. (IMHO)
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Well the baby chicks came today, and I put them in with the week old ee's and lo and behold...they were scared of the new baby faverolles, the faverolles however love the ee's and are trying to brood under them, and the ee's want nothing to do with them...too funny....they all settled down in about an hour and are all eating and sleeping together so all looks good!
I would put a little boost of sugar in their water and watch them in a separate section or brooder for three days. If all are eating drinking and look well with no wobbly chicks then introduce them to the family.

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