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11 Years
May 20, 2008
DS has about 25-30 pullets that will start laying in the next month. We have a few customers waiting in line for fresh eggs but I would like some guidance.

Washing eggs: I've read here somewhere that you shouldn't wash them. They are usually very clean when I get them because the ones that are laying now are laying in a big barrel of straw. Can you direct me to any sites that have scientific backup to not washing. I would like to include a sheet in any eggs I sell explaining the reason they aren't washed.

Egg Cartons: Where do I get them.

Cost: How much do you charge? I've been matching the grocery store cost on pretty much a weekly basis. I base it on a dozen large eggs. I usually get 12 cents apiece for the large white ones. Should I charge more for the brown? What about other colors?

Yolk color: I've read that the reason commercial eggs are yellower is because they feed them ground up marigold petals. Is this true? Can you point me to scientific info on this?

Freshness: I mark the eggs with the day they are laid. I use a pencil. Is this OK? I want people to know how fresh they are.

Last edited: is a great place to get cartons...

Home grown fresh eggs go for $2.50 to $3.50 per dozen in our area. Check around your local farmers market and see what the prices are there.

Yolk color on home grown eggs are a deeper orange color than commercial eggs. Much more tastier too....

I wouldn't mark the eggs, but thats personal preference. I'd mark the carton I put them in with the date the majority were laid.
Wow, those egg cartons are expensive. Would it be a bad thing to offer 10 cents apiece to anyone willing to save and sell us their cartons? I could put an ad on Craigslist.
For cartons, our feed stores sell them for about 35 cents each, and I tell everyone to save their cartons from the store bought ones. Also, it is not unhear of to sell them without a carton. $3.50 is about right for our area. We mark ours but for our own knowledge, not anyone elses. Yolk color - I have found that our eggs are very dark yellow and we feed them laying mash, scratch and fresh fruits and veggies. Good luck!
If you are okay with grey papermache cartons, Meyer Hatchery has them also. Even when you include shipping costs they are a few cents cheaper than I think they worked out to about $.35 each versus $.45. You have more options on though.
I've heard of people asking for a deposit on the cartons. Basically if they bring your carton back they get $.50 off or something like that. Makes sense to me. Keeps them out of the landfill and means fewer cartons for you to buy.
I sell my eggs to the CSA I belong to for $3. Had 6dz & they were gone before I was done looking thru my box & cutting my herbs & flowers for the week! I don't wash em cause of the bloom, but don't put any dirty looking ones in, wash & use em myself.Most people wash before use anyways. Everyone brings in their old egg cartons so just grab 7-8 every week. Yolks are very orange, chix are free range during the day & get all scraps. Once people have the fresh eggs they don't want to go back to the anemic ones @ the store! Thinking of getting more chix this winter so they will be laying by early summer, 16 isn't enough! Jody
Once my Delightful Dozen get into full swing, right now we only get 1 to 2 a day. In the future with a Delightful Dozen eggs, I expect we will be getting plenty of eggs for our own use and to sell to others. I expect to sell them for $2.50 with egg carton donations. But who knows, I will continue collecting cartons in anticipation of MORE eggs.

I gave the Delightful Dozen a stern lecture about increasing production today.....I have customers waiting in the wings!

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