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    Hello!! I have two questions. Of totally different topics. [​IMG] So, my first question is that I have a Barred Plymouth Rock named Snap, and she went through her second molt and I think she's done growing back her feathers, but I'm not sure. She's not laying eggs, and I think they're about two years. So, she was molting (we moved them to a new coop so I think that's what triggered the molt) and she grew back her feathers (I'm pretty sure of) but didn't start laying again. Now, my other BPR named Junior is still growing back her feathers. So, are they gonna begin laying eggs soon???
    Okay, next question. Since Junior and Snap are molting I fed them cat food since it's supposed to speed up their feather growing process (which it does I fed it to my NHR and it worked) and I mixed the cat food in with their normal food, but the problem is Snap always 'digs' for the cat food. She scraped away the normal food and just eats the cat food, so that leads to her knocking over the feeder. Should I just put the cat food in a normal dish, or will that make them totally ignore their normal food??? I really want to resolve this because Snap is wasting so much food!!!!! [​IMG] Thanks in advance!!!
  2. When Autumn and Soccer molted a few weeeks after they first arrived, they didn't lay for about two or three weeks after their feathers grew back in. I think that's normal. I would give them cat food free choice, like oyster shell. Our chickens used to eat out of the cat's dish until we moved it, so I'm pretty sure they'll eat it.
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    Okay, thanks. :) I just wasn't sure if it was their age or not. Cause Buttermilk is the same age, and is laying every single day. Same with Bisquick. I'm sure they'll eat the cat food, to them it's like treats, but I wasn't sure if they'll just ignore they'll normal food.
  4. Yeah, they might ignore their normal food, so maybe only bring it out once or twice a day.
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    Okidokes! Thanks so much. I'll keep ya posted. ;)

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