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    I saw a post today that provoked this question of mine. Someone had said that goats get along best with their siblings. We have two goats, Boog and Elliot, who are not siblings but were raised together since they were a couple weeks old. Is this why they get along so great, even if they aren't siblings? It's just interesting that with goats, and chickens too, that they get along better with goats/chickens that they were raised with. Is it because these animals are familiar to them or something else? Thanks for answering my thoughts! :)
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    Just as with humans, "friends are the family we make for ourselves." Familiarity can form strong bonds or even stronger dislikes. I raise beagles , and the strongest dislikes I have witnessed have been between sisters. At a local park 15 or more years ago a Toulouse goose mated with a Canada gander. They raised 3 goslings. One died recently, but the remaining 2 are always together there is enough difference in coloring that they readily stick out from the rest of the flock. Evidently familial bonds can last a long time.
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    Thank you! It has always been something that is interesting to me! :)
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    I had my boer in with a nubian. They were together for about a year and a half. Whenever I took my goat out for a walk he always called for him, but not any other goat. I thought it was funny how he would call for him and not any other goat. They were pretty close for goats. I'll have to ask the farm owner if that old nubian was calling down the driveway for a goat that didn't return. I don't know. I wasn't there.
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    That is funny. :) Goats have odd antics sometimes. Whenever we go to shows and have to take one out for the show ring, ours get pretty upset, but when we're all finished its like the goats can smell eachother or something and they can just find each other. :idunno

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