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Firstly this is my first attempt at keeping chicks so yea go easy on me
Anyway I got 15 chicks that are 5 days old now, today I put pine shavings into their brooder. I was using paper towels until now - anyway my question is about Pine shavings in the water, they are constantly kicking the shavings in there.. will a little bit not hurt them? I'm constantly cleaning their waterer out trying to get it all out, its just one of them threaded ones from the feed store. I wouldn't have asked but I couldn't really find any info on this, thanks.
The solutions I heard for that, is to put it on top of a block or something. That way, the chicks would have to really try to kick stuff in it.
Same solution for poopy water.
Put the water on a brick or something to where it is at their back height all they need to do is be able to get beaks in it, at 5 days old they know where the water is. I usually use one of those glad sandwich square containers and set it on the top of open side so spillage can go inside container. congrates on your first babies, I'm sure they wont be you last. I started out with 17 this time last year, now I have over 40 chickens, 1 big coop, 1 small coop, and getting ready to make a bunch of breeding pens, oh did I mention I also bought a bator that I've ran almost continuously since Oct. and have 24 eggs in it now, I caught the fever most everyone does.
I was using the pine shavings also, but a member on here suggested using that foamy shelf liner..

I love it so far
she said to put newpaper down, i used peepads for the dogs since I didnt have any paper. then lay the shelfliner on top then when it gets dirty pull it up hose it off and let it dry. Best to have two sets so while one is being cleaned you have another ready to be layed down. Now no stuff in the water other than a little feed now and then. Plus it costs as much as one bag of shavings and you can use it over and over so it saves money in the long run
I never thought of washing those off. good idea. I like using the pine shavings it is fun to watch the chickie digs.
Don't know why I didn't even think about trying to raise it - sounds good I'm going to try it now. Thanks for the tips - and yes I don't think they'll be my last

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