Quiet Roosters?

Chicken Boy-17

8 Years
May 23, 2011
Woodstock, GA
My nieghborhood forbids roo's and I was wondering if there is a quite breed of roosters. Any suggestsions? (Pictures would also be nice)
Well, There are very expensive rooster surgeries that take out the voice box but its better to just borrow a rooster for breeding in a neighborhood.
Well as far as I know the silkies sound quiet (strength of voice) but the can and do crow all the time (repeatedly in day and night) ...

Not sure who crows the fewest times a day that is also bantam...

I mean right this second I have a crowing silkie and a crowing EE/Ameraucana but my Marans is old enough but never makes a sound... (but I'm sure he would w/o other roosters around.)
Maybe one day you'll have land and design one by careful breeding- then you can charge a fortune for the SBD (silent but delicious?) .

Honest hatching eggs are fairly cheep to get and chicks are like 2.50 each around here...

If you live near FL I'd hand you some (pick up only) anytime you want.

(of course you need an incubator or a broody and something to -do- with all the roosters you hatch.)
Unfortunately, all roosters crow. Some more than others, but they all do it. Quiet isn't really in their vocabulary.

If you want chicks, you could purchase sex link chicks and have better chances of getting all girls. Sex links are chickens that are usually (there's ALWAYS exceptions, but your chances are good) identifiable at birth by their markings whether they will be boy or girl. IF you ended up with a rooster, you could cull it, or try to find a new home for it.

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