Quite sure one of our "pullets" is male


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We got 6 chicks, all supposedly pullets, from Tractor Supply Company and they are now about 6-7 weeks old. We got three red sex links and three white leghorns for some variety, but we didn't do our research about the accuracy of vent sexing or we would have gotten all red sex links. Now we're quite sure one of our white leghorns is a cockerel- he has developed very large, very red wattle and comb, but the other 2 white leghorns have not. Also, his body looks like it is shaped a bit differently and he is acting more aggressive so we are pretty sure he is not a pullet (I'm new so I can't post a pic, but we are pretty sure at this point). While we technically can have roosters where we live, our neighbors are not going to be happy when he starts crowing. Will TSC do anything about this or do we need to figure out what to do with him ourselves? Looking at Craigslist for our area everyone seems to be trying to get rid of roosters so I think we might be stuck with him and we really don't want to have to kill him, I don't think we would even be able to. Any suggestions/ advice? What do other people do with unwanted roosters?
When buying the sex links it is easy to sex them. Whites are the roosters and reds the hens. If you have leghorns and one is developing the redder wattles and comb you might have a roo!

What I would suggest is name him, give him a good story and post him on a for sale ad. Not for free cause we all know that most people who get something for nothing treat them as such.

I am one of those rare individuals that like roos more than hens and keep them as pets! Hopefully you can find him a good home.

Tractor Supply is not liable for selling you a rooster. They barely know enough to sell them as chicks!
Our farm store takes any roosters back sexed pullets or straight run. We do not get our money back, which is no big deal. I have a neighbor who is already threatening me and the neighbor across the street saying she will call the police or send her dog over to kill our chickens if we have a rooster. We are allowed roosters in our town, so she is threatening for nothing. My neighbor across the street has a barred rock roo chick and they are keeping him and legally rightfully so.

You can put an ad in craigslist or on this website. If you don't want him eaten, request this in your ad. Although, once he's out of your hands you can only hope for the best. I personally would put an ad on craigslist first before bringing back to the farm store to recover some of the money.
when buying vent sexed chicks from the hatcherys they say the are acrerat up to 97% so that means that 3 out of 100 may be a roo it is not 100 % and after they are sexed there my be some mixup whith the chick expasaly with TSC because most of there employes do not know about chicks so if one gets out on them then they do not know which pin to put it back in EX EX EX a lot of things may hapen
here in OK if somone dog kills you birds you have the right to make the owner of the dog replace them and them have the dog put doun so that is verry silly of him to say that
TSC does not take back chickens nor do they guarantee gender 100%. A hatchery will give you a guarantee if you're buying in quantity but even then, it's not 100%.

You can probably give him away on Freecycle if nothing else (someone will want a free chicken dinner!) But yes, asking a few bucks on Craigslist will make it more likely that the person taking him wants a roo for their flock. The market may be flooded if you're seeing quite a few ads already. Still, you can always try that first since that is your preference and then go with giving him away if nothing else works.
We are just a bit upset because we had tried to ask the TSC employees about how they sex them, but no one seemed to know anything and they assured us we were only getting pullets because they were in the pullet bin. They were rude and just brushed us off. We should have done more research about it ahead of time, but we had assumed the employees would be able to answer a few questions about what they are selling.

I think we may wait and see how loud he is/ how annoyed the neighbors are with us if we can't bring him back. Maybe some free range eggs will appease them? We are thinking everyone is realizing they have roosters at this time of year so if we wait a bit there may be fewer people trying to get rid of roosters.

Your neighbors are seriously freakish if that's how they approach problem solving! "Eh we'll just feaking murder everything". I'd be deadbolting my door for sure!

I'm sorry about your situation, but it is pretty easy to re-home roos if you put a little work into it. I put mine up on Craig'sList with a hilarious ad. I wrote it from his point of view asking for a bevy of fine young hens to impress and woo. It enumerated how he liked long strolls in the yard, fine dining, dancing, singing, etc. I had people contacting me just to tell me they wish they could take a rooster just because the ad made them laugh! He was re-homed in 48 hours.

You could also contact your local 4H, as there are kids there that might have had their hatch project go badly, and need a bird to show. It would make a downhearted kid feel better too.

You didn't mention a deep attatchment to the bird, which I can believe because Leghorns arn't normally very friendly. If you arn't attatched to him, you can have him processed for 5 bucks, and donate the meat to a local foodbank. Needy familys should eat healthy too!

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